I’m Larissa, and I’m addicted to starting projects…  and about 65% of the time I actually finish them, too.  I know…  not the best odds.  We’ve been in this house on Harrison for two years now.  I had all these grand ideas for making our house seem like our home, but life got in the way.  No more!  I started this blog to chronicle my adventures in DIY and hopefully, I can improve the odds of finishing what I start.  I’m going to conquer those tough projects I’ve been putting off, plus a few fun ones along the way.

I live in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband, our three kids,  a small petting zoo a dog, three cats, and a lizard.  My husband is a bit of a daredevil, but you can read all about his crazy adventures on his blog.  Me?  Not so much.  I prefer the comforts of home…  my own bed and bathroom, a few good books, maybe a couple episodes of Downton Abbey, a good cup of cocoa, and a project…  or two.