The Perfect {Girly} Gift

American Girl Bed

One of the benefits of being crafty is that I always have a large stash of scrap wood in the garage.  When Bug told me she needed a gift for her bestest friend’s birthday, I knew just what to do.  My girls and all their friends are really into all things American Girl.  When Ana […]

BINGO! Coasters for the Game Room


This past weekend, I had 3 projects going on at once.  Crazy, I know.  None of my projects went as planned {shocker!} so I’d move on to the next, trying to avoid yet another trip to Home Depot.  On top of all this, Tater Tot, my youngest, was bored.  That means she was constantly in the […]

Conquering Cup Clutter

Coaster Tray

My kitchen looks like this on a daily basis.  I only have three kids.  (sigh)  Days like these make me feel like I am failing to teach my kids important lessons.  Lessons like, “Someday your roommate (or spouse) will not pick up after you like your mom (begrudgingly) has all your life.”  Or “Do you realize how much […]

Outdoor Pillows {On the Cheap}

Measure Towel

I’m sure you’ve noticed the super cute outdoor pillow on my lounge.  Let me tell you, not only are these pillows super cute, they are also super cheap.  I was shopping for outdoor pillows and could not believe how expensive they were.  I couldn’t fathom spending that kind of money on outdoor pillows, especially since there was […]