Quick and Easy Bed Skirt {From a Sheet!}


Bug has been needing a bed skirt for her bed for a very long time.  I had searched high and low for a white bed skirt with a long enough drop to hide all the stuff under her bed, but could only find bed skirts with a 14-15″ drop, and they were upwards of $30 […]

Wall Art for a Glamour Girl


I had grand plans today.  I was going to paint several projects I’d been working on, one of which is a present for my niece’s birthday–which is tomorrow.  Then it rained.  A lot.  For a really long time.  So I tackled a different–one I’d started a few days earlier and never finished.  It involved rhinestones.  […]

{Cabinet Door} Snack Tray


We resisted letting the kids bring food up into the game room for a long time.  Then last Christmas, we added a TV to the room so the kids could watch their movies upstairs, and I wouldn’t be subjected to endless hours of “Good Luck, Charlie” or Mindcraft on the weekends.  But who can have […]

Conquering Cup Clutter

Coaster Tray

My kitchen looks like this on a daily basis.  I only have three kids.  (sigh)  Days like these make me feel like I am failing to teach my kids important lessons.  Lessons like, “Someday your roommate (or spouse) will not pick up after you like your mom (begrudgingly) has all your life.”  Or “Do you realize how much […]

My New {DROP CLOTH} Curtains

Before Curtains

This month I am on a mission.  The kids went back to school last week, and I finally have some time to focus on the house.  I love our family room, but quite honestly, it’s a little cold.  It’s not near cozy enough… yet.  The tile, although great for pets and kids, is not very […]