Pop Up Camper Remodel: Repairing a Coleman ABS Roof

Repair Pop Up Roof

UPDATE:  You can find a more detailed version on this post here on my new blog, The Pop Up Princess.  You can find information about where we ordered the roof seal and how we installed it there.  You’ll also find all our pop up camper related projects on the new blog.  Thanks for stopping by! […]

Pop Up Camper Remodel: Adding More Storage

Changing out the Freshwater Tank

I don’t have a lot of progress to show you on the camper this week. Mr. TypeTwoFun changed out the fresh water tank, because the old one smelled awful (even after we disinfected it) and had a hole in it… something the previous owner forgot to mention.   We got the new tank at Beckley’s […]

Pop Up Camper Remodel: The Countertops

Pop Up Camper Countertop Remodel

One of the first things I wanted to replace on our pop up camper was the countertops.  They were stained, the plastic t-trim was chipped and peeling off in places, and they were just plain ugly.  We really contemplated how to fix these for a few weeks.  We thought about replacing the Formica.  It seemed […]

Pop Up Kitchen Makeover

Pop Up Camper Kitchen Before

Our little pop up kitchen was in desperate need of some TLC.  The 90’s were calling, and they wanted their light oak cabinets back. We had already replaced the flooring in the camper, and our little fridge got a makeover a few weeks ago.  I was really wanting the cabinets to pop against the floor, […]

Pop Up Camper Remodel: The Appliances

Pop Up Camper Digital Thermostat

This weekend felt like one of those times when you work your butt off, but don’t have much to show for it.  We really don’t have a whole lot of visible progress to show off, but we got quite a bit done.  Mr. TypeTwoFun’s dad came into town, and that man is a genius, I […]

Pop Up Camper Flooring

Trafficmaster Vinyl Flooring

We had a pretty productive weekend.  Mr. TypeTwoFun was on fire!  He got all the flooring in the trailer laid, and he ran a 10 mile training run for his upcoming marathon.  What an animal!  I’d like to say I helped with the flooring, but I really just checked his progress here and there.  On […]

Demolishing the Pop Up Camper {Let the fun begin!}

Pop Up Camper Remodel

We got quite a bit done on the pop up this weekend…  and quite honestly, that’s a little scary.  You might remember that when we put the camper down last weekend, it looked like this. Well, we took the plunge and started tearing things apart.  Mr. TypeTwoFun was really good about labeling everything so we […]

Our New Little {Project} Pop Up Camper

1999 Coleman Santa Fe

Whew!  It has been a loooong time since I’ve been around here, but in my defense, it has been a long time since I’ve had a good project.  Honestly, I just haven’t felt excitement for a new project.  We had such a fabulous time on our camping road trip last summer, that all I’ve wanted […]

My Chuck Box Project

Tent Camping Adventure

I have been M.I.A. around here for quite awhile, but there is a really good reason for it.  Around March, my kids (and husband) decided that they wanted to take an adventure road trip for summer vacation this year.  I was initially skeptical.  I am not really a risk taker, and I typically don’t do […]

Outdoor Pillows {On the Cheap}

Measure Towel

I’m sure you’ve noticed the super cute outdoor pillow on my lounge.  Let me tell you, not only are these pillows super cute, they are also super cheap.  I was shopping for outdoor pillows and could not believe how expensive they were.  I couldn’t fathom spending that kind of money on outdoor pillows, especially since there was […]