Demolishing the Pop Up Camper {Let the fun begin!}

We got quite a bit done on the pop up this weekend…  and quite honestly, that’s a little scary.  You might remember that when we put the camper down last weekend, it looked like this.

Well, we took the plunge and started tearing things apart.  Mr. TypeTwoFun was really good about labeling everything so we could put it all back together again.

But to be honest, I really am a little scared at this point.  And look at that dirt!  I thought the camper was pretty clean, but as we started tearing things apart, I realize how dirty these things can get.  It will be nice to know the whole thing is clean and in good repair when we’re done, but holy cow!  What a job!

We got all the cabinets out, the vinyl flooring out, and cleaned and primed the walls for paint.  It looked like there may have been a little bit of water seeping in around the walls, so we cleaned the floor with bleach and will have to figure that problem out so it doesn’t happen again.  The wood floor was in great shape, though.  We did get it painted, but it was too dark for good pictures.  We’ll have to share that next weekend.

But here is the color scheme we are going with.  This is the part I like!  I’m hoping to use most of the old curtains, and just make a cute new topper valance with the pretty Waverly fabric.  I did get a couple of the cabinets painted a pretty creamy white, too.  We changed out the ugly gold hardware for pretty brushed nickel.  More on that to come.

We’ll find out next week if we can put our big puzzle back together again…