DIY Trophy Display {& Pinboard}

This has been a crazy week, packed full of projects that didn’t go quite as planned.  Which seems to be my lot in life, anyway, but one project that did go off without a hitch was a trophy display shelf I made for Bug’s room.  Wanna know why???  Because I pulled the plan from this little book!

I’ve had Ana’s book in my hands for months now, and had been trying to decide what to build first.  I was in Bug’s room trying to organize her many soccer trophies and medals when it hit me!  The entryway mirror on page 37 would be perfect… with a few modifications, of course.  Instead of a mirror, I decided to use a cork board so Bug could pin up pictures and mementos.

I followed Ana’s plans pretty closely, and I used my Kreg Jig to put it all together.  Man!  I love that thing.  It makes all my projects so much easier.

I cut out the top and bottom shelf supports with my jigsaw–and some help from Mr. Type2Fun.  We found it easier to cut the decorative edge from a long board FIRST, then cut the straight end to the final dimensions.  If you have a scroll saw, you won’t need to do this, because you’ll be able to make precise cuts on small pieces of wood.  Our set up isn’t ideal, so this is what worked for us.  Then we attached the supports with screws through the back of the frame.

My nail gun is another tool I couldn’t live without.  I used it to attach my top and bottom shelf to the supports, once they were screwed into the frame.

Now here’s where I modified Ana’s plan just a bit.  I mitered the ends of some 1/2″ cove molding and attached it to the inside of the frame, flush with the edges of the board.

That way, when I flipped the frame over, I had a channel all the way around for my cork board to sit in.  Then I gave the whole thing a coat of primer and white paint.

While my frame was drying, I cut a piece of cork board to fit inside the frame and gave it a coat of  paint in my base color.  We chose Refreshing Pool from Behr, as that is what we used on Bug’s bed.  After the cork was dry, I used a spray adhesive to attach it to some foam core I had laying around.  The reason that I did this was that the roll of cork I purchased was pretty thin.  If you pick up a thicker cork, you may not need the foam core.  Then I used a razor blade to cut the foam core to the size of the cork.

To add some visual interest (and because I’ve always wanted to try it) I decided to stencil the cork board.  I picked up this stencil at Hobby Lobby using my 40% off coupon.

I used a dense foam roller and some leftover white paint.  I made sure the roller was not dripping with paint, but had a good amount on it.  It took a couple of passes, and I can’t say it was perfect, but after touching up a few spots, I was pretty happy with it.

Once all the paint was dry, I enlisted Mr. Type2Fun’s help to nail a piece of fiberboard to the back.  Then we added 4 hooks to the bottom to hold medals and ribbons.

To hang the shelf on Bug’s wall, we drilled holes in the sides of the frame with a countersink bit, like this…

Then we used drywall screws and heavy duty wall anchors to attach the shelf to the wall.

Because I hate looking at screws, we used button plugs to cover the holes.  I just tapped them in with a rubber mallet and used some white paint to touch them up.  Easy peasy, and so much better than exposed screw heads.

Now Bug has the perfect place to display all those hard earned trophies and medals AND she can pin up her keepsakes as well.

All in all, this was a pretty easy project.  I’d say that the cuts we had to make with the jigsaw for the shelf supports were the hardest part.  What I love about Ana’s plans is that they are easy to follow and easy to customize to fit your needs… and on a week like the last one, I needed an easy project!

Have any of you tackled any of the cool plans from Ana’s book?  I’d love to hear about it!