Feeling Inspired

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I’ve been pinning a lot of trumeau mirrors lately. We need a mirror for the music room, and I’ve wanted to attempt one ever since I saw Susie Harris’s awesome tutorial years ago.  I just adore Susie’s blog.  I’ve followed it for years.  I love her sense of style, and her hand-painted signs are amazing.

Image via Susie Harris

Ever since then, trumeau mirrors have been popping up all over blogland–like this fabulous one from Blue Roof Cabin.  Don’t you love the color?

Image via Blue Roof Cabin

Or how about this clean trumeau style mirror Amy, from The Idea Room, made for her bathroom?  So gorgeous!

Image via The Idea Room

Check out the floor mirror at Crazy Wonderful.  I love the way the black contrasts with her light walls. I need something like that.

Image via Crazy Wonderful

So much creativity out there!  Which is good because mirrors tend to run on the expensive side… like this one from Ethan Allen.  A steal at only $649!  Yikes!  So NOT in my budget.

Image via Ethan Allen

And since I don’t have an unlimited budget, I’m off to scrounge through the garage and see what I can come up with.  I’ve been inspired…  and I’ve got to have some leftover plywood and trim in the scrap pile somewhere…

Have a wonderful day!  :-)