November Cakes… in August

Let me introduce you to my BFF, Maggie.  (My husband is rolling his eyes right now.)  Okay, so we aren’t technically BFF’s.  In fact, Maggie has no idea who I am, but thanks to her Twitter feed, I know a lot about her.  So every time she says something witty on her blog or Twitter, I always tell my family all about Maggie’s (we’re on a first name basis) funny stories.

Maggie also happens to be my favorite YA author.  I first fell in love with her storytelling when I read Lament.  Most recently, she has released a fabulous book called The Scorpio Races.  It is my new favorite book.  I love it fervently.  In fact, I love it so much, that I allowed my daughter, Bug, to read it.  Bug is an avid reader, but she is not yet 12, so I am very picky about content.  In fact, I haven’t let her read some of Maggie’s other books (Shiver) just yet.  Sorry, Maggie.  Bug loves The Scorpio Races as much as I do.  So when Maggie posted the recipe for the November Cakes that make an appearance in The Scorpio Races, we knew we MUST make them.

We followed the recipe pretty closely, except that I don’t have a stand mixer.  This meant that Bug and I had to knead the dough by hand for a reeeaaallly long time.  We also had to add a little more flour to make it more manageable.  I’m not sure that step would have been necessary if we weren’t doing it by hand, but we did add about 3/4 cup more flour than called for.

Once the dough had risen the requisite hour, we rolled it out spread out the filling, and made our rolls.  I softened the butter for the filling, rather than melting it.  Then I mixed it with the orange extract and spread it on the dough.  It was easier to spread that way, and I didn’t have to worry about it running all over the place.

These were very similar to cinnamon rolls.  In fact, they roll up the same way, but are baked in muffin tins.  Once they were all baked up, we added the glaze, which was soooo  yummy.  There may or may not have been lots of little fingers trying to mop up the leftover glaze.

I think we nailed it.  They were a great first bread roll recipe for Bug.  They were so yummy.  We had them for dessert…  and for breakfast the next day.  I know they are more of an autumn-ish recipe, but these were light enough for summer.  They were much less sweet than my cinnamon rolls, which made them devilishly easy to keep eating.  I highly recommend reading the book and baking up a batch of these yummy rolls.  Even if you don’t get around to the book (GASP!), these cakes are worth the effort.