Outdoor Pillows {On the Cheap}

I’m sure you’ve noticed the super cute outdoor pillow on my lounge.  Let me tell you, not only are these pillows super cute, they are also super cheap.  I was shopping for outdoor pillows and could not believe how expensive they were.  I couldn’t fathom spending that kind of money on outdoor pillows, especially since there was a 65% chance they’d end up in the pool at some point, so I made my own.

I headed down to JoAnn’s and picked from their large selection of outdoor fabric, which happened to be on sale.  Score!  I really probably only used 1/2 a yard for two pillows, but I bought several yards to make other outdoor accessories.  Now you can only spot clean this fabric, because it has a special coating that makes it stain and fade resistant.  There was no need to make removable cover, so I didn’t need to buy zippers or velcro.

I wanted my pillows to be a little more substantial than just some fabric and fiberfill.  So to give these pillows some weight, I took some old towels (one per pillow) and folded it to the approximate size I wanted.  Then I measured my pillow and added 2″ all the way around.  For example, since my towel measured 15″ long and 10″ wide, I cut the fabric 19″ long x 14″ wide.  This accounts for the seam allowance and any fiberfill you might add to “poof” out the pillows.

After my pillow pieces were cut, I pinned everything right sides together and stitched up the four sides, leaving a pretty big opening to turn it right side out.  Then I serged all the edges, although you could just clip the seams and corners, and turned it right side out.  I put my folded towel inside and filled any gaps with fiberfill, making the pillow as fluffy as I wanted.

After the pillow looked the way I wanted it to, I pinned the opening and whip-stitched it closed.  I had to play with the towel and fiberfill a bit to get it to look the way I like pillows to look, but that was really the toughest part of this project.  The fabric was $9.99/yard, and I used about 1/4 yard per pillow.  I had the old towels and fiberfill.  These pillows basically cost me $2.50 a piece, which is a far cry from the $20 ones I was looking at.  The project was SO easy and SO cheap, I almost feel like it wasn’t a real project.

Simple and cheap, but they add a lot to the space.  Go ahead!  Grab some old towels and make a few yourself.