Pop Up Camper Flooring

We had a pretty productive weekend.  Mr. TypeTwoFun was on fire!  He got all the flooring in the trailer laid, and he ran a 10 mile training run for his upcoming marathon.  What an animal!  I’d like to say I helped with the flooring, but I really just checked his progress here and there.  On one of my trips in to check on him, I discovered he had finished the whole floor.  That is my favorite kind of DIY project–the ones where I “supervise” and he does the work.   ;-)

Ultimately, this is the flooring we used.  We knew we wanted to go with vinyl flooring for the pop up camper, but weren’t sure which brand and style to choose.  Mr. TypeTwoFun liked that it was a bit thicker than some of the other vinyl planks we were looking at, and I liked how pretty it was.  It almost looks like hand-scraped wood planks.

And this is the color we used.  It really is so rich and pretty.  I almost feel like it shouldn’t be in a camper.  It’s almost too pretty.  Almost.

The flooring went in pretty easily–the planks just snap together, much like laminate.  We staggered them for additional strength and visual interest.  Mr. TypeTwoFun did about half the floor after work on Friday and finished it up in a few hours Saturday morning.  It took about 3 1/2 boxes total, and at $58 a box, it wasn’t exactly a cheap way to go.  I’m sure that if you didn’t remove your cabinets, you would use a lot less.

But look at that finished project!  It was so worth every penny.  I absolutely love the way it turned out.  Remember how awful that vinyl looked before?

This was the first thing you saw when you walked in—stained and ripped linoleum.

And now we see this.  Isn’t it pretty?  Too pretty?  Nah!

Here’s another view to show you just how nice it is turning out.  You can see that we have some of the cabinets painted and installed, and I’ll save that whole process for another post.  They are turning out really pretty, as well.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to show them off next week!