Pop Up Camper Remodel: Adding More Storage

I don’t have a lot of progress to show you on the camper this week. Mr. TypeTwoFun changed out the fresh water tank, because the old one smelled awful (even after we disinfected it) and had a hole in it… something the previous owner forgot to mention.   :-(

Changing out the Freshwater TankWe got the new tank at Beckley’s Coleman Pop Up Parts, and they have been great so far.  They were able to find an exact match for our old tank, and it fits perfectly.  While Mr. TypeTwoFun was changing out tanks and fixing plumbing issues, I was working on the curtains.

Taking the measurements for all the pop up camper windows.

I have some of the curtains made, but I’ll have to show them off next week, as this is a pretty big project.  I also have to figure out a better way to attach them to the track, because those little tabs are a pain, I tell ya!

Last weekend, when we installed our new cabinet, I forgot to show you the awesome mod Mr. TypeTwoFun did for me.  Remember that ugly torn wheel well from the before pictures?

Pop Up Camper RemodelWe think the previous owners tried to use the rubber wheel well as a shelf, and the weight of it made the housing rub against the tire.  Our solution was to build a metal housing over the wheel, then enclose it with MDF.  Now I have an awesome new shelf.

Wheel Well Storage

I love it!  This cabinet was really unusable before.  If you set anything on the rubber housing, it would rub against the wheel.  Now I have a shelf that holds quite a bit.  I grabbed some plastic shoe box bins and chalkboard labels from Target, and it makes things so much easier to find.  And isn’t it CUTE?  I can even fit my tackle box first aid kit in there.

Utensil StorageWe made the shelf pretty shallow, so we could use the cabinet doors for utensil storage.  Just add a few Command hooks to the doors, and viola!  Easy and convenient cooking utensil storage.

Command Hook Storage Container

I love those Command storage products so much, I even snagged a basket for the inside of the cassette toilet cabinet.  It works perfectly to hold our cleaning supplies and toilet chemicals.  The Santa Fe is pretty small, so I have to make sure there is a place for everything, and that it tucks neatly away when not in use.  With five family members in a small pop up, it can get a little crowded.   :-D

Pinterest has been a great resource for pop up camper ideas.  I even have a pop up camper board that I save all those awesome ideas to, and you can follow it here.  How about you?  Do you have a Pinterest pop up camper board?  I’d love to see it, so leave it in the comments so I can follow you, too.

Well… Mr. TypeTwoFun won’t let me leave curtain panels on the kitchen table for much longer, so I’d better get going.  Have an awesome week!