Pop Up Camper Remodel: The Appliances

This weekend felt like one of those times when you work your butt off, but don’t have much to show for it.  We really don’t have a whole lot of visible progress to show off, but we got quite a bit done.  Mr. TypeTwoFun’s dad came into town, and that man is a genius, I tell you.  He helped us get all the electrical back in, and we even did some plumbing.  The hot water heater is back in, as is the water pump.  Woo hoo!  Now we need a sink.   :-D

Pop Up Camper Digital ThermostatHe also helped us change out this nasty relic for something a little more modern and easy to read.  It is a little change, but adding a digital thermometer to the pop up camper will make adjusting the temperature so much easier–and it looks prettier, too.

Pop Up Camper Remodel GalleyWhile they were working on all the complicated stuff, I took on a few little projects.  Remember when my galley kitchen looked like this?  Ugh.  How ugly is that fridge? And the heater vent was a little rusty and had seen better days.  That brown would definitely stand out against my new cream cabinets.

Rustoleum Appliance EpoxySo I removed the fridge door and gave it a good cleaning.  I used some adhesive remover to take off the sticker on the front, and I gave the whole thing a light sanding.  Then I used this appliance epoxy to give it a pretty new coat of paint.  I’ll admit, it was kind of tricky.  Mr. TypeTwoFun was better with it and had to fix a few splatters I made.  The paint comes out a little differently than regular old spray paint, so I’d recommend trying out on something disposable first.

While that was drying, I took my heater vent and scrubbed the whole thing down with a wire brush.  Then we gave it a couple of coats of cream spray paint to match the cabinets.  Much better.

Pop Up Camper Fridge InsulationBefore we put the fridge back in, we wanted to insulate it a little better.  We went to Home Depot and bought the Styrofoam insulation that is shiny on one side.  We cut it to fit the opening where our fridge was going, and used metal tape to make a box out of insulation, and we set the fridge inside it.  I forgot to snap a picture of that, but it basically just insulates the fridge a little better.  We’ve heard these pop up fridges aren’t the best at keeping things cold, so we wanted to see if we could improve the performance of ours a bit.

Pop Up Camper FridgeThen we installed the fridge.  That was a pain, but I think we got it all level and set up right.  So, now I was ready to put the fridge door back on, and I was really wanting a chalkboard door.  I love the look of chalkboard, but Mr. TypeTwoFun didn’t want something that permanent on the fridge.  What if chalkboard paint goes out of style or I get tired of it?  Then we are stuck with it or will have to repaint the whole door.  Dang it!  He’s right… for once.   ;-)

Pop Up Camper FridgeWe came to a compromise, and our solution was chalkboard vinyl.  I simply cut it to fit the inner part of the fridge door.  If we decide to remove it later on down the road, it is easy.  Doesn’t it look cute?  It works every bit as well as the chalkboard paint I’ve used on past projects.  It’ll be perfect for keeping stock of what is in the fridge and what we need to pick up.  I can also use it for our camping menu.  And check out that heater!  The vent looks a million times better, too.  It’s amazing what a little paint can do.