Quick and Easy Bed Skirt {From a Sheet!}

Bug has been needing a bed skirt for her bed for a very long time.  I had searched high and low for a white bed skirt with a long enough drop to hide all the stuff under her bed, but could only find bed skirts with a 14-15″ drop, and they were upwards of $30 to boot!  Bug’s bed needed a bed skirt with a 22″ drop, and since I couldn’t find one, I decided to make my own.

I started with a plain white flat sheet.  Bug’s bed is a full size, and the way her footboard sits, I knew that a bedskirt at the bottom of the bed would never show.  I decided to just make two skirts for either side of the bed.  I knew I wanted lots of fullness, so I chose a king sized sheet.  I just so happened to find a repackaged one for $13.31.  So I snatched it up, took it home, and gave it a washing on my machines hottest cycle.

Once it was washed and dried, I cut the top and bottom seams off of the sheet.  Keep the top part.  I used mine for another portion of the skirt.

Then I laid the sheet out on my dining room floor and folded it in half so the newly cut edges were together.  I pressed the crease to make a cut line and cut the sheet in half.  I did the same thing again with each half, until I was left with four equal pieces of fabric.  If you don’t need a 22″ drop, I suggest cutting your pieces about 4″ longer than your drop measurement.  You are going to want a little extra fabric later on.

Once I had four equal pieces, I sewed two together to make one long strip for one side, then I did the same thing for the other two pieces.  I was left with two VERY long pieces.  I serged all my seams, and then I serged the top and bottom of the pieces, as well.  Once my pieces were all finished, I gave them a good iron, and I hemmed the bottoms of both skirts.  Then I used my gathering foot to gather the top edge of each piece.  If you don’t have a gathering foot, just set your machine to your longest stitch length and gather by hand.

Remember the top piece from my king sheet?  Well, I used this to enclose my gathered edge.  I cut the stitching off the bottom and pressed the bottom and top under about 1/2″.  Then I cut it to the length of my box spring, adding an inch on each side, and folded each end in about 3/8″ and pressed it.  I didn’t actually have enough fabric left to make a topper for both sides, but I had another sheet I was using for pillows, so I used the top of that sheet for the topper of my other skirt.  If you don’t need a 22″ drop, you should have enough fabric leftover from your sheet to cut yourself another length of fabric about 6″ wide for the topper for the other side.

Once I had my topper ready, I opened it up and laid my gathered skirt inside.

With the gathered skirt sandwiched between the topper, I pinned it in place and top-stitched at the bottom and sides, enclosing the raw edge of my gathered skirt completely.

Once both pieces were top-stitched, I gave everything another good ironing.

To attach the skirt, I used these twist pins.  I picked them up at JoAnn’s, and they work so well.  I always get frustrated with bed skirts and the way they seem to shift when you make the bed… or climb in bed… or look at the bed sideways.   ;-)

I just twisted these pins in every couple of inches to keep the skirt in place, and that was it.  They held the skirt in the whole time I made Bug’s bed, and they haven’t budged.

It really was a simple project and only took a few hours.  For under $14, I got a custom skirt that fits my daughter’s bed perfectly.  I have a few more projects to finish for Bug’s room, and then I can check this room off the list.  Woo Hoo!