The Pop Up Princess

I’m very excited to share our progress on the pop up camper this weekend.  We’ve had a busy last few weeks.  It has occurred to me, though, that most of our life has been taken over by our little pop up camper, and so has my House on Harrison blog.  There are very few projects on the House on Harrison blog right now that are actually about the house.   :-)  That’s why, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to start another blog for the pop up camper.

The Pop Up PrincessYou can find all the previous posts about the pop up camper on the new blog, and there are some new projects and progress on there as well.  I’ll be keeping The Pop Up Princess updated with all the latest camper projects and pop up adventures, and the House on Harrison blog will no longer be overrun by pop up related posts.  I’ll get back to some of those projects around our home, {I’ve actually got a few I’m dying to show you} and post them here.

So if you enjoy watching the progress we’ve made on the pop up camper, and you’d like to keep in touch, head on over to The Pop Up Princess.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ and watch for sneak peaks on Instagram.

And if projects and crafts for the home are more your style, stick around.  I’ve got some good stuff coming!

Thanks for your patience during all the changes.  You guys are awesome!   :-D