Valentine Chair Backer

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  Ours was full of fun and family… and bronchitis.  I’ve been down for nearly 3 weeks with the stuff.  Yesterday was the first day I felt like myself again, so I put away all the Christmas stuff and got out a few Valentines Day decorations.  I don’t decorate for every holiday, but there is something about Valentines Day that I like.  I’ve always left little notes and treats for the kids on Valentines Day–probably because my mom did the same for us kids when we were young.  A couple of years ago, Pottery Barn had these way cute chair backers, which are perfect for leaving little notes and treats for the kids.

They are also $20 each.  Yikes!  I knew that was going to happen.  They didn’t look really hard to make, though, so when I came across a tutorial for something similar, I made my own.

The tutorial is over at Our Scoop, and I highly suggest you check it out!  It is a great tutorial and super clear and easy to follow.  I made one for each of the kids and one for Mr. Type2Fun and myself.  It cost WAY less than the $100 it would have cost us to buy five of them at Pottery Barn.

There are two different styles–one with ruffles {perfect for girly girls} and one without.  I used embroidery floss to embroider their names on the front of the pouches.  They just attach to the chair backs with straps that button to the back of the pouch.

We’ve had them for about two years now, and the kids love opening them up on Valentines morning.  I leave them up for a few weeks before the big day, and the kids can put whatever they’d like into their sibling’s {and parent’s} pouches.  No peeking until Valentines Day!

The pouches are nice and deep and hold quite a few notes and treats.  Then the kids all get to open their pouches at breakfast on Valentines Day.  I like that it encourages them to think of their siblings, and they usually end up writing heartfelt notes that I couldn’t drag out of them any other time.  Sometimes, they even use their own money to buy each other treats.  It’s astounding, and it wouldn’t happen any other time of the year, but you know what?  I’ll take it! :-D


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